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About Rod

Rod in shop #2This website is my chance to show some of my work, as well as my shop and some of the area near where I live. My name is Rod Schrivener, and I live near Kearney, Missouri, which is most known for being the home and burial place of Jesse James. Our home is located in a pleasant wooded area,just north of the Jesse James Home and Museum in a very pleasant country setting with city comforts. We have lived here for the last 29 years, and have finally become “locals”. Like many, when we moved here from Cincinnatti , we were viewed as transients and temporary folks. After about 10 years, that changed, especially with the influx of even more of us outsiders. Kearney is an old town, celebrating its 150th anniversary last year, and most of the original families are still represented here. Small wonder that most of us were considered to be outsiders.

I have been a wood carver ( whittler ) since childhood, doing the usual scout carving, and always had an interest in building or making something with materials on hand. Like many others, I followed pay checks, jobs, and opportunities around the country and got away from art and wood for quite a while. As you get older, you appreciate some things more than others and in the late 80’s, we built a “workshop” near the house and moved my power tools from storage to a usable location. After digging out a lot of older tools, I began to add to the collection and found that there were a lot of new designs for knives, paints, and techniques. Once I got started back working with wood, I was hooked again. In the late 90’s, I was able to spend more time working with wood, both carving and turning. In my earlier days, woodworking was my interest. As a result, my shop was fairly well equipped with old, but very good power tools. Some of them are still in use, and every bit as good as what is on the market today.

From 1999 on, I have been carving many different things, and turning many different style bowls, and boxes. I continue to be amazed at the beauty that is locked up in a simple piece of wood, just waiting to be brought out. I retired in 2004, and have had even  more time to spend in the wood shop, as well as with my family. My wife is not a carver ( yet), but has a love for the work that can be done with carving and painting. Take a look at some of my work. I have enjoyed all of it. 


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