Last Update 1/23/2011

The shop

My workshop/studio is a separate building from our home, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that you have to walk down to the shop in any kind of weather, however, that is outweighed by the facts that there are no smells, noise, dust of other things that are usually a problem when your shop is in the house. The building is a 24 x 36 foot 3-door garage-type with a truss roof, which leaves all the interior space open. It is heated and cooled, and the doors can be opened and screens placed to allow an outdoor effect if the weather is good. There are four separate dust collection systems, as well as an area set aside for painting with venting to the outside.rodshop#102 When these pictures were taken, it was a cluttered area due to the re-wiring being done on the wall to some tool relocation. It seems that there is always a change that is needed to make things more usable. I am now in the process of making more changes to allow me to add some work space for several carvers to come by, or a small class if that is  in the future. The shop is equipped for wood working, wood carving, power carving, and painting, depending on what the project is.  It is really nice to have the capability, and my youngest son who lives just up the road is also a carver and enjoys having access to the equipment withoutRodshop#2 the investment. At the left, you see what was my primary carving position, but that is changing with the work that is being done now. There will be quite a few changes, mostly with the placement of the power tools and the provision of a heavy carving table to allow for friends to join in and carve. As this work is being done, I have added carpet tiles to the floor. They were a gift from a friend, and it is really great to have something other than concrete for a dropped knife to land on. I will post the pictures after the changes, which I hope will be done by the end of the year.

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